Josh Marchello


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To set up a free initial meeting, email me at [email protected].

I’ve been writing software professionally for over 10 years. I’ve helped design and develop a security data mapping tool, a distributed healthcare system with dynamic form creation, a learning management system with on-demand video streaming, a Slack-like chat and video client for a large telecom company, and several other solutions. I’ve led remote teams, hired and trained engineers, designed data models, written powerful calendar integrations, and built entire kubernetes environments. For a complete view of my experience you can take a look at my LinkedIn. What I offer today can be broken down into 2 categories, devops and application development.


I specialize in building application environments in Kubernetes, along with complete CI/CD pipelines. What I can offer you is a complete cloud environment that can support multiple application instances (webapps and workers, microservices, etc..) that all auto-scale independently, automatically create and renew SSL/TLS certificates, and can be monitored via a rich dashboard.

All of this will be 90% vendor agnostic, making it simple to move to a different cloud provider, deploy accross multiple clouds, or even move onto your own bare metal servers. I can have all this running on the cloud of your choice in under one month.


Initial environment implementation: $8k
Monthly retainer for maintenance/training (optional): $2.5k/month

Application Development

I am highly proficient in Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Python, SQL, and Go. I know how to design databases and APIs, implement integrations, build monolithic MVCs, write microservices, build complex user interfaces, and more.

I prefer to bill application development by milestone rather than hourly. This properly aligns my incentives with yours, allowing me to do quality work without you feeling like every hour that ticks by costs you more money. Each milestone can have a deadline as well. This combination gives you predictable cost and delivery. It also naturally requires that I have a clear enough understanding of your needs to break them down into concrete milestones. I feel this leads to better speed, quality, and correctness in what I build. Here is an example of how I might break down and price a project.

Project Milestones Example

Build a Zapier implementation for your application
Design your application’s API $1k
Implement API authentication $2k
Implement Users API endpoint $500
Implement Posts API endpoint $500
Implement Comments API endpoint $500
Register Application on Zapier $500

To set up a free inital meeting, email me at [email protected].